furnish the children's room
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aspects to consider to furnish the children's room are: the space distributionnumber of the children and theage. In fact, if the boy is no longer so young he will already have his preferences to be taken into account for the restructuring. Another factor not to be underestimated is the room sharing by siblings of different sex. In this case we will have to find a solution that is good for both.

furnish the children's room

Before starting

A well-designed bedroom is a room in which a child can move safely and have everything within reach. We advise you to do not fill the environment with too much furniture and clutter: better to leave some free space. For example, if your child is preschool, it is a good idea not to include a large desk that would go unused. Instead, it is preferable to focus on a small drawing table with custom-made chairs. A very original idea can be the application of slate on a wall where the child can draw without dirtying the walls.

4 Tips for decorating a children's room

Find out what are the best solutions for your child's room:

1) The bridge bedroom. Widespread, it fully solves both the problems related tospace optimization. The bed, together with the wardrobe, are located on a single wall leaving the central area empty. L'study area it is placed centrally or laterally with respect to the room.

2) Colored rooms. The use of hues in various shades for the walls is very popular, not only the classic pink and blue. For an effect camera, the watchword is to play but without going overboard to avoid falling into bad taste. If the room comes shared we recommend using gods from a brother and sister neutral colors in order to please both children.

3) Design rooms. Stickers, paintings and prints for an amazing graphic effect! For the more imaginative we recommend the themed rooms inspired by cartoons. For example, you can think of decorating a child's room inspired by Spider-Man or for a girl by Hello Kitty.

4) Bunk Beds. This type of beds are always appreciated by our children as they are associated with divertissement. As regards the safety, it is essential to choose bunk beds equipped with protections and a ladder that can be used in peace. They are also ideal for small rooms.

When the child grows up: transformable furnishings

When he grows up, the child will no longer use all the furniture in his room. To meet this need it is a good rule to choose them in such a way as to be able to continue to use them in other rooms perhaps performing other functions. For example, the chest of drawers can be reused as a dresser in the parents' room. In addition, there are commercially available Cribs which can be transformed into a larger bed while continuing to be part of the bedroom furniture.

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