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You have decided to buy a house or renovate it and you cannot understand it completely difference of the various energy classes. Buildings, and therefore the property units within them, can be classified by energy class. Expenses for heating, air conditioning, electricity and current production of hot water are the costs that affect the family budget the most. So you have to be informed about what you buy or about the apartment on which you will have to make one total renovation. What are the differences and what characteristics must a house have to belong to one class and not another?

The classification of the energy classes of houses is obtained taking into account both the original characteristics of an apartment and the subsequent interventions.

The assignment of the energy class of a house takes place thanks to the investigation of a specialized technician, who will study the consumption necessary to heat your home in relation to its level of thermal insulation.

Below we report (in a simplified key) the seven energy classes, so as to clarify before buying a property or renovating a house.

Energy Classes HousesEnergy class F & G

They are buildings in which energy saving (and eco-sustainability) is truly a mirage. In fact, in class F and G buildings there are often disused and / or diesel boilers. The mandatory thermostatic valves are not present. The maintenance of the circulation pumps is totally missing if present, and the insulations and fixtures are not designed for energy saving. Do you know those old wooden windows that "close badly" and disperse heat? Maybe even composed of a thin glass that freezes at the first cold? Here then you live in a class F apartment.

Energy Class E

Now the most widespread class, particularly in the neighborhoods where buildings built between the 70-90 years are plentiful. Often they have the methane boiler instead of the oil boiler. The building qualities are still low, but they are perceived the first changes aimed at improving energy expenditure and thermal insulation. These E-class apartments have roofs whose insulation is made however with materials and techniques that are not yet completely efficient.

Energy Class D

In these apartments the situation is very similar to that of class E. However, you will find greater thermal stability because it has been improved insulation of the roof and the external walls have thickened.

Energy Class C

This type of apartment already has cutting-edge solutions. There are thermostatic valves (low inertia) on all radiators with indirect heat metering. The circulation pumps have been replaced to lower the flow rates and electricity consumption. In the apartments of this energy class there are also valid insulation of the attic with at least 10 cm. The presence of a fair amount of thermal insulation and the new condensing boilers are certainly much more efficient than the methane ones.

Energy class B

When we talk about this class B, we mean apartments with the same characteristics as class C but with interventions aimed at improving the external part of the building. Case Restructuring deals with renovating the facades with an eye to regional deductions in this regard. Among the building works, the replacement of all the windows and the insertion of insulating panels are included in the building.

Energy Class A

If you are lucky enough to have purchased an A-class apartment, you are in excellent energy! Your house has all the features of class C and B but has a surplus: having applied the famous thermal "coat" outside the building often at least 10 centimeters. The energy classes from 7 can also be considered 10 if the different classes A1-A2-A3-A4 are calculated, the latter being the most efficient. These are apartments located in buildings with almost zero energy impact.

How to obtain the energy performance certificate? You must contact a specialized technician and then register the document at the Regional Energy Register Office.

You need a building intervention to improve the energy class of your apartment to renovate? Do you need to renovate the facade of your building?

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