renovate the balcony
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How to restore your own balcony

It is always a pleasure to spend time on the terrace or balcony of the house, especially in spring or summer, when the milder and more pleasant temperatures allow it. But balconies and terraces are probably, due to their particular characteristics, among the most delicate and potentially critical points of a building. First of all because they form a link between inside and outside and, therefore, are exposed to atmospheric agents such as wind, rain, high and low temperatures, which cause deformations on the ... ...
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Optimize the balcony space by obtaining a small vegetable garden

Having green corners available is really something pleasant, however it would be a mistake to believe that this is possible only where you have a garden of considerable size: paying due care in the design phase and choosing carefully the plants, pots and all the other elements that will make up the context, in fact, you can create a fascinating "green" area even in a very simple balcony. When it comes to greenery, both in gardens and balconies, we don't ... ...
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Little corners of paradise: the terrace

For those lucky enough to have a terrace or veranda, the time has come to put it back in order or to carry out a renovation to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. The heat, friends, outdoor dinners or simply small moments of daily relaxation. What should always be respected is a continuity between the internal and external environment as regards colors, fabrics and style. On a terrace, however, it is allowed to give free rein to creativity, originality and add that pinch ... ...
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