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Interventions for the energy requalification of your home

Each building belongs to an energy class, from the most efficient A to the least efficient G, based on its performance. The assignment is carried out by a specialized technician, who will evaluate consumption in relation to the level of thermal insulation. Having a house belonging to a high class allows you to reduce expenses and it is possible to sell it at a higher cost. Interventions for energy requalification To improve the energy class, the interventions to be carried out concern the following areas: 1) Thermal insulation.… ...
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Deductions for solar panels

The term solar panels indicates both thermal solar panels and photovoltaic panels. In both cases, the energy coming from the sun is exploited and then converted into heat or electricity. Installing these panels in a home saves energy, thus reducing costs in the bill. Furthermore, it is possible to take advantage of specific tax deductions for these devices that favor their diffusion. Thermal solar panels and photovoltaic panels Thermal solar panels are used to heat sanitary water ... ...
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