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How to best furnish a small bathroom

Tips for furnishing a small bathroom In the case of a small bathroom, the spaces must be optimized and designed in such a way as not to have to give up anything. Comforts are essential in such an important environment for the home. We have prepared a short guide, which we present below, with tips for decorating a small bathroom. White and gray walls The colors used to paint the walls of a bathroom are usually light pink, light blue, Havana ... ...
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modern white interior shower
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The bathroom is transformed: functional and design solutions

Bathroom? When you need to design such an environment, it is easy to run into the big crossroads: bath or shower? The shower has always been more practical and adaptable to smaller sizes, while the ideal bathtub for those who love to indulge in small moments of true relaxation. Whether the choice concerns a bathtub or a shower, the bathroom will become an important room as much as the others in the house, in fact the solutions in this sense are increasingly innovative, both from an aesthetic point of view ... ...
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square shower
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A practical and modern solution for the bathroom: the shower cabin

The shower enclosure represents the alternative solution to the bathtub, in two main cases. In the first case when you are in the presence of small spaces, in the second case when you have a second bathroom. Due to its characteristic of taking up little space, the cabin can also be mounted in other rooms of the house, such as the laundry room, cellar or garage. In virtually any environment where it can be useful to have a ... ...
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