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Top floor of an apartment building: how to increase living comfort

The term living comfort indicates the degree of well-being inside a home evaluated on the basis of temperature, air quality, acoustics and brightness. To ensure this state, the above parameters must be reached with optimal levels through ad hoc restructuring works. The selection of the best materials and the use of particular solutions in the design phase are fundamental in this perspective. The article illustrates some precautions to be taken to better live in an apartment on the top floor ... ...
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Little corners of paradise: the terrace

For those lucky enough to have a terrace or veranda, the time has come to put it back in order or to carry out a renovation to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. The heat, friends, outdoor dinners or simply small moments of daily relaxation. What should always be respected is a continuity between the internal and external environment as regards colors, fabrics and style. On a terrace, however, it is allowed to give free rein to creativity, originality and add that pinch ... ...
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