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Little house? Restructure and save space

Setting up the furnishing of a small house is a need that is anything but unusual: modern homes, especially those in the largest urban centers, very often have small sizes, therefore it is important to organize the Interior Design with due caution . Parallel to the new homes, renovations must also be considered: professional-level renovation ideas can decisively improve the aesthetics and functionality of the property, indeed it can be said without hesitation that the renovations carried out ad hoc assume a very important ... ...
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How to optimize your home space with partial renovation

Home space renovation: total or partial? It is not always necessary to completely renovate your home to change its style and optimize its space. Often, especially if the general conditions of the house are good, it is sufficient to partially intervene on the rooms, obviously asking for advice from a good architect who also deals with interior design, in order to make the most of the available spaces. By total renovation we mean the complete demolition of all floors, partitions, systems, the reconstruction of the walls, ... ...
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The revenge of the studio apartment

Restructuring and furnishing a studio apartment often frightens us: small spaces, no privacy and an environment that offers few solutions. On the other hand, there are small and large measures that can be adopted to transform an anonymous studio apartment into a unique and original space. The revenge of the studio apartment, a thousand ideas and space-saving tips to optimize the environment The most obvious problem is obviously the spaces that are sometimes very limited. Needless to panic, the solution is to take advantage of every little corner. Renovating a studio apartment ... ...
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square shower
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A practical and modern solution for the bathroom: the shower cabin

The shower enclosure represents the alternative solution to the bathtub, in two main cases. In the first case when you are in the presence of small spaces, in the second case when you have a second bathroom. Due to its characteristic of taking up little space, the cabin can also be mounted in other rooms of the house, such as the laundry room, cellar or garage. In virtually any environment where it can be useful to have a ... ...
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