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What to do before renovating your home

Before renovating your home there are some operations to be carried out to avoid surprises and therefore risk wasting time. Having a clear understanding of the duration of the work and how the various phases will take place is essential to live your work with serenity. The procedure to follow Find out what to do before renovating your home by following these simple steps: 1) Contact a renovation company to define the type of work to be carried out. It could be a total or partial restructuring that ... ...
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sound insulation
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Acoustic insulation: find out how to reduce noise in your home

Acoustically isolating a house means limiting the diffusion of sound. Traffic noise, annoying neighbors and construction sites under construction are just a few examples of noise pollution. The interventions vary according to the objective: to absorb the noise in the case of closed environments or to isolate the noise coming from outside. Furthermore, before starting the work, we will check which are the areas in which there is a strong sound dispersion in order to perform at their best. Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials The materials ... ...
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Renovation of apartments in Florence

Choosing the company to entrust your renovations to is easier than you think. There are aspects that can help you make the right decision. To get a general idea of ​​how a renovation company works, you can read the reviews available on their website. Once you have passed this phase, you can make an appointment for an inspection. The architect will already be able to give you some small indications and you will be able to understand his way of working. Moreover,…...
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Top floor of an apartment building: how to increase living comfort

The term living comfort indicates the degree of well-being inside a home evaluated on the basis of temperature, air quality, acoustics and brightness. To ensure this state, the above parameters must be reached with optimal levels through ad hoc restructuring works. The selection of the best materials and the use of particular solutions in the design phase are fundamental in this perspective. The article illustrates some precautions to be taken to better live in an apartment on the top floor ... ...
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The renovation of apartments in Turin

The renovation of an apartment allows you to give a new look to the premises, taking into account the personal tastes of the people who live there but without neglecting fundamental aspects such as comfort, functionality and space optimization. We at Case Restructuring take great care of every detail to give you the best. Renovating an apartment is a real investment that can bring significant benefits even in the event of a future resale, such as increasing the economic value of the property. Renovating apartments in Turin ... ...
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