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Restructuring, when the office needs it

We spend a lot of time in the office every day, often much more than we spend at home: it is therefore quite natural to want to pay some attention to this environment that we live in so much. At some point, therefore, it may even be useful and necessary to renovate the office to improve it and structure it in the right way: in this article you will find some tips on how to behave to review the organization of spaces or to change style and colors to refresh them or to ... ...
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The revenge of the studio apartment

Restructuring and furnishing a studio apartment often frightens us: small spaces, no privacy and an environment that offers few solutions. On the other hand, there are small and large measures that can be adopted to transform an anonymous studio apartment into a unique and original space. The revenge of the studio apartment, a thousand ideas and space-saving tips to optimize the environment The most obvious problem is obviously the spaces that are sometimes very limited. Needless to panic, the solution is to take advantage of every little corner. Renovating a studio apartment ... ...
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open space
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When living becomes sharing of space: the open space

An increasingly recurring phenomenon for those who set up a house or simply decide to renovate it is to opt for an open space. The home becomes a unique space in which there are no more walls that divide one room from another and where creativity finds free space with innovative and scenographic solutions that give the house its own soul. The open space overturns the canons of the traditional house where the walls were the symbol of a clear division of activities and moments of the day. Not all then ... ...
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