Tuscan marble quarries Carrara art
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Discovering the Marble Ways

Along the Apuan Alps, in Tuscany, the Vie del Marmo extend, a long and fascinating route where marble is the protagonist. The Romans called it Luni marble, from the name of the mysterious population that inhabited this strip of land wedged between the sea and the mountains, between Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia. History, art and the rediscovery of ancient values: this and much more can be found in an environment that knows no time. Today, marble is ... ...
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modern parquet
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Renovate your home: guide to choosing the floor

Have you been to a friend's house and were you impressed with their new floor? Then it's time to renovate your house! If you have decided to replace the flooring of one or more rooms in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen or living room, you will always have to be very careful and ponder your choices. A bathroom renovation is substantially different from a kitchen renovation, in fact each room is characterized by a different intended use. It is therefore essential to choose the type very carefully ... ...
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