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Thermally insulate the house for the summer

Thermally insulating your home for the summer Thermally insulating your home means carrying out a series of interventions to keep the internal temperature pleasant all year round. Spring is the perfect season to start work as the cold is not that bitter and the heat still keeps waiting. Play in advance by following our advice, so as not to suffer the summer heat! How to thermally insulate the house for the summer To thermally insulate a house it is possible to resort to different solutions. They can be…...
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How to defeat the most feared of tenants: humidity

Humidity is a frequent phenomenon that can cause extensive damage to our homes, so it is essential to recognize the problem and intervene promptly. There are many triggering factors that can be traced back to the onset of the problem: incorrect insulation of the walls, condensation created by the kitchen and bathroom, the so-called rising damp from the subsoil. These are some of the most well-known elements that cause humidity and mold on the walls of the house. The most difficult case to treat and defeat is undoubtedly humidity ... ...
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