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Deductions for solar panels

The term solar panels indicates both thermal solar panels and photovoltaic panels. In both cases, the energy coming from the sun is exploited and then converted into heat or electricity. Installing these panels in a home saves energy, thus reducing costs in the bill. Furthermore, it is possible to take advantage of specific tax deductions for these devices that favor their diffusion. Thermal solar panels and photovoltaic panels Thermal solar panels are used to heat sanitary water ... ...
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Top floor of an apartment building: how to increase living comfort

The term living comfort indicates the degree of well-being inside a home evaluated on the basis of temperature, air quality, acoustics and brightness. To ensure this state, the above parameters must be reached with optimal levels through ad hoc restructuring works. The selection of the best materials and the use of particular solutions in the design phase are fundamental in this perspective. The article illustrates some precautions to be taken to better live in an apartment on the top floor ... ...
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Energy Classes Houses
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Energy classes and restructuring:

You have decided to buy a house or renovate it and you cannot fully understand the difference between the various energy classes. The buildings, and therefore the real estate units inside them, can be classified by energy class. The costs for heating, air conditioning, electricity and the current production of hot water are the costs that affect the family budget the most. So you have to be informed about what you are buying or about the apartment on which you will have to make a ... ...
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Ecological house
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What is meant by Ecosustainable restructuring?

In recent years we hear a lot about eco-sustainable renovation… .but what is meant by the definition eco-sustainable renovation? What is meant by eco-sustainable renovation? Find out how to improve your home and the environment In this article we will explain some basic steps for an eco-sustainable home renovation: by eco-sustainable we mean a renovation that tries to minimize the environmental impact. Do you want to know what steps to take to adopt an eco-sustainable renovation? Good quality materials Choose good quality materials, which last ... ...
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