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Renovate the flooring in the home

You have bought a house and you are undecided on the choice of floor renovation. It is often an essential intervention because the previous coverings clash with the style of the new furniture. Sometimes, however, it is decided to redo the floor to give uniformity to the spaces, eliminating those that are damaged and different from room to room. Before carrying out the renovation of the floor in the house, however, it is necessary to evaluate a series of upstream factors. How much time do you have until the final transfer? What ... ...
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Restructuring the floor of the house: guide to the choice of materials

You've thought about renovating the old, scratched and outdated flooring in your house but you lack the courage. The renovation of the home floor is always seen as an invasive, long and expensive intervention. In reality, the situation varies according to spatial constraints and the choice of materials. Let's see together which materials to favor and which problems can arise in the creation of a new floor. Home floor renovation: spatial constraints Changing a floor in a house already ... ...
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pattern carpet
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Textile floor: when to choose the carpet

Carpet is the ideal flooring when we need a floor that is both thermal and acoustic insulating. This choice is presented as one of the traditional solutions that can be used to cover floors in the home. Here are some advantages and some legends to dispel. If you are looking for the right floor for your home, you will be spoiled for choice, today there are various solutions both as flooring and for the covering of existing floors. Between these…...
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modern parquet
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Renovate your home: guide to choosing the floor

Have you been to a friend's house and were you impressed with their new floor? Then it's time to renovate your house! If you have decided to replace the flooring of one or more rooms in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen or living room, you will always have to be very careful and ponder your choices. A bathroom renovation is substantially different from a kitchen renovation, in fact each room is characterized by a different intended use. It is therefore essential to choose the type very carefully ... ...
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