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Every year it is estimated that over the 70% of Italians fear being stolen inside their home, especially as summer holidays approach. Whether it's an apartment or a house, safety never seems to be too much, even more so when you hear of a record increase in theft: one every two minutes or so. Not a few are those who give up a journey, and as many engineer alternative solutions that can act as a deterrent. For example, among the various systems allowed by the law, someone opts for the so-called offendicula, that is a series of measures aimed at discouraging the entry of strangers into private property.

Find out how to have a safe home during the summer holidays

The various systems of home security are available on the market are numerous and some are equipped with innovative technologies capable of sending simultaneously, through an application installed on the smartphone, the internal and external images of the house. A technological evolution that makes it possible to monitor homes even after thousands of kilometers, and which allows owners and tenants to immediately notify the police or use the frames for investigation purposes.

In the group of systems of home security available nowadays it is necessary to make a distinction between active systems and passive systems. Each has its own functionality but while the active ones are referable to real alarm systems (burglar alarms, video cameras, etc.), passive systems are such because they are not equipped with particular electronic devices aimed at activating an alarm. Get a quote for a restructuring that aims to increase, at the same time, the security of your home is generally very simple; in this way you can get an idea and keep an eye on Costi of a possible renewal of one's home.

Passive safety systems

In other words, passive security systems are the most widespread and installed in almost all Italian homes. Between armored doors and railings, gates and gratings, the protection of private property is static: a bit as if the house were protected by a casing. The best known home protection system it is, without doubt, the installation of an armored door preferably equipped with a European profile cylinder. It is good to know that armored doors differ in six classes, each of which indicates the level of security.

The lower class, ie the first, shows a reduced level of security unlike the sixth class in which doors with a high level of security are included. The latter manage to resist even the most ingenious attacks, such as those seen in some action films. The armored door indicated for apartments and villas can be counted between the second and fourth class, where the degree of security is guaranteed by assaults carried out with special picks, crowbar and pincers.

House-safe-for-the-holidaysEach burglar-proof door is subjected to specific tests before being put on the market. Between the tests for acoustic insulation and fireproofing, the product is subjected to a particular physical stress where an attempted burglary is simulated. To make the simulation effective, the professionals use all the typical instruments of a thief: based on the time taken to break open the door, the level of security is defined, and therefore also the class to which it belongs.

A second passive system of home security is the installation of railings, both fixed and swing. To use them are mainly the owners of apartments located in the first two floors of a building, in addition to those who want to protect a villa. Made of iron or stainless steel, galvanized or painted, the bars are mounted near doors and French windows through the use of a welding machine that perfectly fixes the frame in the door opening. The hinged railings can be structured with one or more doors that facilitate access to the balconies or the garden. Their safety is guaranteed by the presence of an internal bolt to be closed at night or when you are away from home.

The fixed railings instead, also known with the term grates, are mainly mounted on windows, sealing them completely without sacrificing the brightness of the rooms. Although they can give the idea of ​​a prison, railings are an excellent deterrent especially in the summer season. It is in fact possible to leave the windows and balconies open for normal air circulation without having the fear that someone can enter the house. The aesthetic factor can be easily overcome thanks to the numerous models and the possibility of customizing both the gratings and the doors with different paints.

Finally, passive systems include gates and sharp railings, but also innovative fixtures made with resistant materials and modified with fixtures that block windows or French windows. It is necessary to know that there are specific types of windows that are placed between passive systems and active systems, due to the presence of some intelligent technologies that warn in the event of burglary or intrusion. This is the example of some mosquito net models equipped with infrared bars that come into operation when they intercept the entry of moving bodies. The system is connected to the phone of the owner who can store more telephone numbers to be notified in case of absence.

Also the railings can be equipped with perimeter sensors, both prepared by the manufacturer from the beginning, and inserted at a later time. The integrated systems are specially concealed inside the frame and can be represented both by infrared rays and by closing technologies that protect against burglary performed with the crowbar.

Active safety systems

Active systems of home security they are known as burglar alarms. There are an infinite number of models for all budgets and ranging from traditional video surveillance cameras to the most hi-tech technologies, able to interact with smartphones and tablets.

It is not possible to establish, a priori, which is the best anti-theft device for the casa: the choice focuses on different factors, including what you really want from a burglar alarm and how much you're willing to spend. For example you can install outdoor cameras on the landing of the house or at the entrance of a villa when the property is already protected by railings, or at the same time opt for indoor cameras, mounted near windows and balconies. In both cases it is also necessary to prepare the recording of the images, all the more so if you want to get some proof for a possible complaint. The latest generation inventions suggest the choice of one camera to casa able to interact with it smartphone through a special app.

House-safe-for-the-holidays-3The technology is simple but effective: it is possible to monitor the interiors of a private home directly or to be immediately notified if there is any strange movement. Regardless of where you are (whether at work or on vacation away from home) the systems work by connecting the camera to any wifi. It is therefore necessary to leave your modem open if you want to make the mechanism effective. The cameras to casa simpler, they are economical and allow recording of recordings simultaneously with the opening of the application. Sophisticated technologies are equipped with sensors capable of immediately sending a signal directly to the mobile phone.

These are 3D Noise Reduction or Intelligence Videos Analysis systems that are activated in the presence of anomalies. For example, the 3D Noise Reduction detects abnormal noise inside a space while Intelligence Videos Analysis perceives unusual behaviors during recording. Even the Digital Image Stabilizer seems to be a good choice, especially when you need clear and sharp images, not blurred with stabilized frames. The cost for installing a technological burglar alarm is slightly high, but it can be amortized thanks to numerous tax incentives.

Additional anti-theft systems can be mounted close to railings, therefore between balconies and windows. Available in the form of kits, these products are installed later allowing them to be positioned wherever you want. Since it is antitheft to wireless home the same are alarms that work with the power supply and, at the same time, manage to accumulate energy necessary to operate in the absence of current. The latest findings are even self-protected by warning the presence of faults or malfunctioning of the alarm system with an acoustic signal.

Choosing to protect your home can embrace numerous solutions. A perfectly safe home can be equipped with passive and active systems, each of which interacts in a peculiar way against break-ins. Armored door and railings can protect the doors, while cameras to casa with interaction for smartphone they can monitor the main entrance and the rooms with valuable goods. The time to take advantage of the installation of an anti-theft system is during renovation works, which could even encourage the renovation of your home. Whether it is total or partial, the renovation includes different types of intervention that can be deducted from the tax return.


The State, with the purpose of to encourage maintenance work, whose expenses are almost always borne by the legitimate owners, disposes annually of a series of measures aimed at amortizing the costs incurred for the restructuring of a private home. All the more so when it comes to the purchase of systems that improve interior safety, such as anti-theft devices.

According to a rule, contained in point f) in the article 3 of the "Consolidated text of the legislative and regulatory provisions on construction" may be subject to IRPEF tax deduction the Interventions related to the adoption of measures aimed at preventing the risk of the performance of unlawful acts by third parties. It is therefore the case of the installation of railings, as well as that of armored doors, grilles and gates, frames with integrated locking system and doors and windows equipped with anti-theft devices but, last but not least, all the equipment designed to detect with video cameras and cameras the intrusion by third parties inside the private property.

The tax deductions are equal to the 50% of the expenses incurred by the 31 in December 2017 (beyond which an additional law will be required to extend the incentives from 2018 onwards) and for a ceiling not exceeding 98 thousand euros per housing unit. This figure obviously goes beyond the cost of a traditional anti-theft system, but can always favor the renovations of your own home.

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