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Setting up the furnishing of a small house is a need that is anything but unusual: modern homes, especially those in the largest urban centers, very often have small sizes, therefore it is important to organize the Interior Design with due caution .

Parallel to the new houses, restructuring operations should also be considered: ideas of renovation of professional level can decisively improve the aesthetics and functionality of the property, indeed it can be said without hesitation that the renovations carried out ad hoc take on a very special importance in the context of houses with limited size.

If you own a small apartment, it would be a big mistake to resign yourself to the idea of ​​having to live in rather cramped environments, or in any case having to limit your aesthetic choices to the few pieces of furniture that match the spaces of the various environments. Through valid ideas for renovating an apartment, the characteristics of the property can change in a surprising way, so the rooms that make up the house can become much more comfortable and pleasant from a design point of view without any expansion work being carried out.

Industry experts know it well: aspects such as the choice of furniture, color shades, doors and decorations have a decisive influence on the spaciousness of the rooms, so the so-called space-saving ideas can guarantee excellent, if not unexpected, results. There are many suggestions and "tricks" to make the best use of the available spaces in order to make them more pleasant and comfortable despite their small size, however if you want to guarantee valuable results it is preferable to contact a professional .

I professionals in the sector not only do they have a very in-depth technical knowledge, and are therefore able to create truly effective space-saving ideas, but they can take care of the interior design completely, making the final result extremely harmonious as a whole. Restructuring interventions concerning small rooms, today, are among the most in demand, therefore a good designer can undoubtedly boast a great specific experience as regards needs such as these.

It should also be emphasized that it would be a mistake to believe that the advice of a professional is a luxury reserved for those who have important budgets to be allocated to the renovation of their property: today it is possible to use the services of a designer spending more than reasonable amounts. Avoiding spending too much does not mean at all at the expense of quality: a good designer can take care of the renovation of a property in a complete and impeccably meticulous way, guaranteeing an excellent quality-price ratio, without forgetting that there are currently advantageous tax incentives dedicated to who performs renovations.

Restructures-and-space-saving-3The choice of the professional to rely on must be careful, and it is absolutely legitimate that the client wants to inform about the designer's qualifications and professional experience: it can only be positive, from this point of view, that an expert allows his client to be able to view your own work portfolio. It is very important that the designer clearly specifies the estimate related to his consultancy, so that the customer can know to renovate the house of what prices will have to take charge, without finding himself incurring unexpected expenses.

It is also a good practice to request estimates from various professionals, so as to orientate oneself towards the one that is deemed most advantageous; this obviously does not mean that we should simply opt for the lowest price, on the contrary it is appropriate to choose the designer who, in relation to his experience, is able to offer the most interesting quality-price ratio. Given these necessary premises, therefore, it is possible to ask ourselves the basic question: what are the most interesting ideas for restoring an apartment of limited size? What are the space saving ideas most frequently adopted by design experts?

The list is immense, and there are no solutions to be considered absolutely better than others: the combination of the various ideas for space-saving works together with the careful analysis of the characteristics of the property and the environments that compose it allow professionals to make the most of the house on which the customer intends to carry out the renovation. If we talk about space-saving ideas, we cannot fail to immediately mention retractable furniture, that is furniture that is almost invisible when not in use.

Little house? Restructure and save space thanks to our useful tips

When we talk about concealed furniture we refer above all to beds and sofas: these pieces of furniture can be vertically closed, becoming an integral part of the wall, while when you want to use them, you just have to tilt them so you can sit or relax just as you are used to doing on the beds and on common sofas. Since sofas and beds, especially of the double type, are among the most bulky furniture of all, solutions like these are able to guarantee very substantial space savings.

In recent times, however, very special retractable solutions have spread: in some apartments, for example, “futuristic” retractable kitchens have been created, or even retractable stairs, very useful for apartments on several floors. These so special retractable stairs can be extracted using the special handles positioned on the ceiling: in the moments when you are not interested in climbing upstairs, the stairs therefore become completely invisible, and the space saving that comes from a solution like this it's really consistent.

Among the most usual space-saving ideas, sofa beds find ample confirmation, therefore furniture that can be transformed from sofa to bed and vice versa with a very simple gesture. Thanks to a piece of furniture of this type, the same room can be used as a bedroom or as a living area, consequently these furnishing elements can prove to be very useful especially in the context of one-room and two-room apartments. The sofa beds are available in both single and double versions, as well as in specific versions for children, without forgetting that on the market there are innovative and captivating variants such as sofas that can be transformed with a single gesture into a bunk bed equipped with comfortable ladder.

In small rooms it is very common that designers choose to avoid, obviously where possible, to install doors, since in this way it is actually possible to accentuate the feeling of depth and breadth. Where the doors must necessarily be installed, in any case, doors without handles are almost always preferred, or in any case sliding or flush doors, since models like these completely cancel out the clutter typical of classic swing doors.

If you want to renovate a small house it is always very important to be able to enhance the spaces in height, rather than in width: the designers are well aware of this, for this reason in the renovations of apartments with reduced size, high bookcases, or in any case furniture that enhances the wall in all its height, and even the shelves lend themselves optimally to the furnishing of environments with similar characteristics.

Restructures-and-space-saving-2In dwellings articulated on several floors, therefore in those where there are small staircases, it is very important to be able to make the most of the staircases: spaces of this type are perfect to house bookcases or furniture with internal compartments, and in these cases it is obviously preferable to opt for tailor-made projects.

Tailor-made furnishings constitute, with the ideas for renovating small-sized dwellings, a real inseparable pair, and not only with regards to the stairs: choosing custom-made furniture can be really ideal for small rooms, both from the point of view of comfort and functionality than on an aesthetic level. The examples, from this point of view, are many: imagining having to place a sofa in a space of 2 meters one should choose a model whose length does not exceed, precisely, this dimension, and inevitably one should considerably reduce the possibilities of choice.

By opting for a made-to-measure sofa not only will you be able to ensure your favorite style to the extent you want without having to place any limitations, but the piece of furniture will be able to match perfectly with the space you intend to fill, so it will certainly be able to offer a hit. an impeccable eye.

Even mezzanines are traditionally considered excellent creations for enhancing small rooms: classic mezzanines actually allow you to increase, and not double, the surface available in a given environment, at the same time it is also possible to create modern mezzanines-containers , real shelves whose internal spaces can be freely used to store objects of all kinds, just as we are used to doing inside wardrobes.

To make the best use of the available space it is also important to organize the furnishings in the best possible way, taking care also of the apparently secondary accessories and elements. To make the most of every single one square meter available, in fact, it can be very useful to include a series of containers in the rooms, such as boxes, baskets and cans.

Simple objects like these can make the dimensions much more rational, and they can prove to be providential especially in environments where there is a large number of objects, for example a kitchen, or in children's bedrooms to store toys neatly.

In addition to being very efficient, solutions of this type can also prove to be very interesting on a purely aesthetic level, for this reason even these accessories must never be left to chance. Even the chromatic choices have a certain influence on the stylistic level and can greatly accentuate the amplitude of the environments, even if only from a visual point of view. For smaller rooms it is certainly preferable to opt for a single color that is predominant, such as white, always highly appreciated for its elegance and brightness.

The ways to enhance a small house and to make it more pleasant, more coherent with one's own tastes and functionally more spacious are therefore truly endless, and an experienced designer is able to obtain real interior design masterpieces in the smallest spaces and apparently less interesting.

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