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When we think of wallpaper outdated images immediately come to mind. In short, those typical houses of the past, wrapped in wallpaper with dated colors and fabrics. Today, however, wallpaper has made its comeback, confirming itself as an excellent covering material for walls that do not know epochs. The essential thing is to know how to use the material in the right way, so do not overdo the covering on all the walls of the house and choose original motifs that adapt in a manner consistent with the style of your home. The results that can be obtained are amazing and immediately effective, just be guided by good taste or a interior design qualified. The wide choice of patterns makes wallpaper a versatile material that adapts to everyone's needs, but also on the front of the materials there are many alternatives: cellulose, linen, nylon or PVC, for a home that knows no limits of creativity. Through our 3d virtual renovation project, you can decide how the chosen wallpaper matches with the other furnishing accessories.

Choosing wallpaper: a successful return for a furniture classic

What seemed to be old-fashioned and outdated trends have now found wide acceptance in terms of design and furnishings with a dip in the past and a modern reinterpretation. The new trends in the field of house renovation they see the increase in wallpaper demands.cards-wallpaper-design-jannelli-foxes-barbara-becker-homepassionv_1-1024x789


For some years the vintage it has become a real trend with a return to the legendary 70s. Retro-toned dresses, furnishing accessories that recall the past and why not, even themed wallpapers for a house that evokes an unforgettable era just by entering it . On the market you can find customizable wallpapers in which the 70s style and pop art are perfectly combined, so you will have environments with a retro style and from the undisputed charm of those years.

The floral

The floral pattern has always recalled past wallpapers. Currently, wallpapers with floral motifs are made that come closer to a more modern, clean and less luxurious vision. So no more flowers designed in their grandeur and grandeur, but thin and simple lines, almost abstract.
Great success for floral cards, especially in areas of the house such as the bedroom, for an environment with a romantic but at the same time modern atmosphere.

The damask

Back in fashion, damask is a particular wallpaper that reminds us of something old and no longer in use by its name alone. On the other hand, there are valid wallpapers on the market that adapt to the needs and modern times in which we live. An example seems to be the use of pearlescent contrasts or metallic that create reflections and plays of light, lightening the classic damask pattern.

Flocked and metallic papers

Wallpapers are a valid alternative flocked. What are they? TheirPaper-to-wall-house characteristic is that of giving the wall volume and three-dimensionalityHow are they created? First of all, a support material is created on which small rayon fibers will then be placed, at this point it will be enough to apply an electrostatic charge over the fibers to obtain a soft and flat effect to the touch. If you are looking for an idea for a unique wallpaper with bold and strong tones metal papers are the one for you. In this case, thin metal sheets are placed on the paper that give shiny reflections: from gold, to bronze, to silver or copper. The trick then lies in the engraving of the metal sheets themselves or in their oxidation: spectacular and fascinating scenic effects for an elegant and glamorous home.

Wallpaper between art and innovation

For the more extroverted and looking for an innovative and expressive wallpaper there are solutions. If your passion is the Geographic maps you can't miss a wall of the house that recalls maps, maps and globes: to always have the world at hand. Also in terms of colors you can play pleasantly: cards with colored or black and white sides always with geographical motifs. The effect obtained is certainly extravagant, but at the same time refined and elegant: a covering to be used both in the living room or in the home study.


A solution for lovers of trompe l'oeil  is to reproduce the spatial depth typical of this technique on wallpaper. At the start of false doors, designed windows or bookcases that seem almost real. A practical, fast and above all economical solution to have unique walls. Construction costs they are simple, just calculate the laying in square meters. You could get a online quote immediately just choose the right supplier, today the internet allows excellent research.

Who is passionate about photography can give space to his passion even with wallpaper. How is it possible? Photographic hyperrealism it is a particular technique with which a photograph is magnified and faithfully reproduced on paper.

Let's not forget that there are wallpapers leather effect that worked correctly give a sense of naturalness: reliefs in crocodile, calf or cow for environments that are always the center of attention. The last frontier is the magnetic cards, thin layers of paper with small ferrous particles imprisoned that allow the application of magnets: having unique walls on which you can tell stories and emotions of your life is now possible.

Between past and present, wallpaper always manages to amaze thanks to new innovative techniques that perfectly combine vintage and modernity. Unique and original environments in which to express one's passion or simply return to a past and now forgotten world, or create elegant and sophisticated spaces without ever exceeding in pomp. Combine materials, patterns and techniques for walls that let you look at first sight.

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