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The definitive text of the Budget Law contains a surprise the extension for the 2018 of the Furniture and Large Appliances Bonus that we all thought it was destined to disappear! Except last-minute updates of the rooms to the decree, here is our simplified guide on the furniture bonus for next year.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of it don't you believe? You can renovate your home and add furniture while enjoying the tax deduction. Let's see how it works.

  1. Mobile bonuses up to 10.000 euros
    Also for this 2018 it will be possible to take advantage of the deduction from the gross income tax, up to the capacity of its amount (equal to 50% of the expenses for the purchase of furniture and large appliances) made from 1 January 2018 up to a maximum 10.000 euros. You can deduct 50% not only from the renovation work but also on the furnishings chosen for the rest of the house. Not bad.
  2. Who is eligible for the bonus?
    All are entitled to the bonus the owners of real estate units intended for residence. But also those defined by the law "official holders of the dwelling", that is, tenants or usufructuaries. Those who therefore bear the cost of home furnishings and appliances.
  3. Mobile bonuses + restructuring bonuses

    For some the matter here may seem complex. Let's be clear. Only those who started the renovation work starting from 1 January 2017 onwards (and therefore also those who will start them in 2018) will benefit from the

    restructuring bonus

    and mobile bonuses for the 2018. Payments must take place after the start of the works and with the famous "talking transfer".

    -> In case instead of bonus for energy savings it is not possible to also access the mobile bonus.

  4. Bonus furniture to furnish wherever you want!
    Who has the right to access the bonus furniture and large appliances because they have started the renovation of a house, it is not said that he should use the furniture for the renovated room. It can furnish any room. He has the right to free the furnishings obtained with the deduction.
  5. What can be deducted with the 2018 mobile bonus in practice?
    With the 2018 mobile bonus they are deductible: the typical expenses for furniture such as sofas and beds, large appliances in class A + (but for the ovens just class A), refrigerators and washing machines, and also the costs for transport and assembly. Doors, internal and external curtains and all furnishing accessories (rightly so!) Are excluded. Attention: the purchased products must be new, the costs for used furniture, home appliances and vintage furniture are not deductible.
  6. Remember the documents to keep
    In order not to lose the 2018 tax relief it is necessary that you be careful to keep all the invoices, complete with data on the numbers and type of products purchased, with copy of the bank transfers with debit or copy of the transactions if the card of credit. Keep a copy of the commencement of the works presented in the Municipality.


  • Who is eligible for the bonus? The owners or holders of real rights on the home who benefit from the restructuring bonus.
  • Start of renovation works: from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2018
  • Payments: from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018
  • Deduction percentage: 50% of total expenditure
  • Deduction of gross tax: maximum 10.000 euro
  • Expenses allowed: furniture, large class A + appliances (A for ovens), transport and assembly included
    o Documents to keep: all invoices, debit receipts, start of work.

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