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The new Budget Law 2018 introduced important news on home bonuses for tax payers. In this article you will find all the information to renovate your home and enjoy tax relief thanks to the 2018 restructuring bonus. The most important innovations foreseen by the 1 January 2018 are various: there are new deductions on theEco bonus for work started as of 1 January 2018. The. Was introduced green bonus, that is the deduction of 36% (up to 5000 euro) for those who care for private gardens and terraces.

The extension of the deduction on the restructuring of 50%

Fortunately, the long awaited confirmation of the extension (up to 96.000 euros spent on renovations) took place. This means that throughout the 2018 you can still have significant tax breaks. But you will have to hurry to make the decision to start the work. In fact, starting from the 1 January of the 2019 the bonus for building renovation works will return to an Irpef deduction equal to 36% with a limit of 48.000 euros for the expenses incurred.

What are the works on which the home renovation bonus is applicable?

They are listed in the guide of the Revenue Agency, we at Case Restructuring make your life easier by making reading easier:

  1. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work, restoration, conservative restoration and building renovation. Interventions must be carried out on the common parts of residential buildings, ie on condominiums.
  2. Extraordinary maintenance, restoration and renovation works carried out on individual apartments or units of any cadastral category. Eg rural contexts.

To clarify, here are some examples of ordinary maintenance on which the home renovation bonus is applicable:
- Interventions for the installation of lifts and stairs for safety.
- Toilet improvement works.
- The replacement of external fixtures and windows.
- The renovation or consolidation of stairs and ramps.
- Multiple interventions aimed at saving energy (consult the list on the guide of the revenue agency).
- The fence of a private area.

Here are all confirmations and changes to 2018 tax deductions:

The Ecbonus was confirmed no longer at 65% but at 50%. You can however save on the replacement of windows and fixtures and also for theinstallation of boilers (condensing and biomass). The deduction is also interesting if you want to install some solar shading.

It was also confirmed as we had announced in the blog for 2018, the possibility of benefit from the mobile bonus. You can have a deduction equal to 50% on your furniture and within the limit of 10.000 euro. Not bad right? Remember that it must be requested in tax return and will be divided into ten installments all of the same amount.

Until 31 December 2021 you will be able to enjoy the deductions for works of energy redevelopment in apartment buildings (up to 75% in some cases).

He was rightly confirmed the bonus earthquake: will be valid for works carried out starting from 2017 to December 2021. The deduction (depending on the interventions) fluctuates from 70% up to 85%.

[MARCH 2019 UPDATE] See the tax breaks on restructuring.

Are you thinking it's time to renovate your home? If you plan to access the restructuring and mobile bonus in the 2018, or want to modify yours energy plant we will take care of everything.

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