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For the purchase of furniture and appliances for a property under renovation may be requested deductions Income tax equal to 50% for a maximum spend of 10.000 €.
The works concern both the individual residential real estate units both common parts of residential buildings.
Those who complete an intervention started not earlier than may apply January 1 2018. So the renovations must be prior to the purchase of furniture and appliances. The facility was extended for the entire 2019 on the basis of the Budget Law.
Furthermore, it is also possible to take advantage of the bonus for certain assets that will be placed in different spaces of the same renovated building.

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Furniture and home appliances bonuses 2019: for which building works is planned

- interventions for which you can claim the bonus furniture and appliances are:

- extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservative rehabilitation, building renovation on individual apartments. This category includes works such as the construction of toilets, the construction of internal stairs, the construction of an attic or a balcony and the opening of new doors and windows.

- Reconstruction or restoration of a damaged property by calamitous events, if a state of emergency has been declared.

- Restoration, conservative rehabilitation and building renovation, concerning whole buildings. Examples of these interventions are the adaptation of the heights of the floors and the restoration of the historical-architectural aspect of a building.

- Ordinary maintenance, extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservative rehabilitation, building renovation on common parts of residential buildings. These works include the replacement of floors, the painting of walls, the remaking of the plaster and the repair of the gutters.

The furniture and appliances provided by the Bonus

I furnishings for which the benefit is granted are:
- the beds
- the wardrobe
- the tables
- the bedside tables
- chairs
- beliefs
- the mattresses
- the desks
- the dressers
- the libraries
- lighting equipment.

- appliances for which the facility is provided are:
- refrigerators
- washing machines
- dishwashers
- dryers
- cooking appliances
- electric stoves
- microwave ovens
- electric fans
- electric radiators
- the freezers
- electric heating appliances
- air conditioning appliances.

All appliances must belong to an energy class of not less than A+. Exceptions are ovens for which the class envisaged is A.
In addition, transportation and assembly costs can also be deducted.

How to get the benefits

To obtain the furniture and appliances bonuses 2019 the expenses incurred in the tax return, specifically in the model 730 or in the model Individual income. Therefore all documents attesting to the payment of goods only by means of must be kept Bank transfer o paper credit or debit card.

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