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Shabby chic everyone talks about it, but few know its meaning. Today we will do a bit of order by treating the characteristics of the style that has so spread among Hollywood stars in recent years.

La word shabby literally means aged and worn, and combined with the word chic acquires a new meaning. The shabby chic style grants grace to this wear of time.

This style of interior design is made up of accessories and furnishings that are deliberately aged. If at first everyone thought of a passing fashion, now it seems to have established itself as a consolidated trend of the new millennium. In many fashion houses and autumn-winter 2017/18 furniture collections, the shabby style continues to dictate the law. 

Meaning and origin of Shabby Chic

The shabby chic style furniture does not stand out for being period furniture, but they are precious for the vintage details that make them lived on the surface. On the other hand, the apparently old furniture is super functional and contains all the modern features. The modern surface is deliberately aged or treated with abrasive papers.

The romantic-country style was born in ancient England. It seems that the first elements with a shabby flavor were gathered in the charming Victorian-style houses. Later the trend spread from the United Kingdom also drawing from other cultures such as Swedish and French design.

The term "shabby chic" it was used by the famous sectorial magazine "The World of Interiors" already in the distant 1980 and from that moment its fortune has always been growing and taking shape in various forms. Fans of the do-it-yourself they see in the shabby a recovery of old furniture to give life back. Thus abandoned chairs and beliefs are repainted and recycled acquiring a romantic soul. 

 How to furnish in Shabby style?

Elements typical of shabby-chic they are large chandeliers with pendants, draperies and wallpaper with floral motifs. Attention you will have to recreate a country environment yes but relaxing and romantic, in which there is no room for dusty antiques and the unkempt country look.

Among the various facets of the style, the common feature is the predominance of white and light gray. Even pastel colors, although dusty, are very much used by the shabby. We recommend pink, ivory, purple wisteria, ecru, lavender and beige.

The majority of Shabby furniture is therefore not ancient. The pieces are treated to achieve the wear effect. Anyone who has seen a shabby piece of furniture or intends to make it knows that the paint is peeled off in some strategic points. In some parts the true color of the wood must come out. Shabby pieces are often treated in furniture factories with the application of a “dust effect” patina fixed to the surface. In general, pieces rich in friezes and inlays are preferred among the shapes of the furniture to be antiqued.

Which fabrics to favor for the shabby chic effect? Make way for romanticism in floral Provencal style designs and fabrics such as linen, cotton and other fabrics characterized by natural fibers.

The shabby in the various areas of the house

You have decided to

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and to make a precise corner muffled, romantic and shabby.

Here's what you can't miss in your furnishing project:

  • You have decided to carry out a shabby kitchen? The items for this area in the shops are many. Be careful not to overdo it! Certainly, a shabby chic style sideboard and a splendid vintage scale painted in white cannot be missing.
  • You want one shabby bedroom? Then choose the soft shades of wisteria and an antique chest of drawers with grandma's lace.
  • The shabby living it could be made with a sanded and aged armchair but Louis XVI style. You could also choose a beautiful shabby chic style dresser and the customary chandelier with crystal drops.
  • make a shabby style bathroom choose the triumph of white, a mirror with a worked and worn frame and many accessories in iron or ceramic with floral designs.

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