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What is a home library for? Not just containing books: if you're thinking of renovate your apartment or do you want make better use of the spaces in your home, keep in mind that this piece of furniture could become your strategic ally to find a place for something else.

The library in fact now goes far beyond its traditional role of "container of books" and has taken on many different forms at home: the versatile use you can make of it, using the bookcase as a dividing wall and to contain so many objects, it is precisely what we want to explain to you in these lines.

Wall-mounted or modular bookcases

A big full-wall bookcase, from floor to ceiling: it's the big dream of those who have the passion to collect books, and can become reality.

Be careful, however, to choose yours customized library in the right way: you will have to measure the spaces precisely and verify that the shelves are deep enough if, in addition to the paperbacks, you intend to place the larger books like those of art; you will also have to opt for appropriate wall anchors. Regarding library colors and materials, the choice is vast today: it evaluates wood but also aluminum, as well as the most modern solutions plasterboard libraries, like those suggested on DesignMag here.

If you want build your library in complete safety and you want professional help, you can rely on one of the Case Restructuring experts, who will help you find your way around the different wall bookcases.

Another option may be to evaluate a modular library, smaller in size but particularly aesthetically pleasing if you like a more minimal home.

Both full-wall and modular bookcases can also accommodate objects other than books: from tv, providing a special base for the monitor, up to knick-knacks and various collections, which can be kept indoors by special doors, as well as a study area included in the structure with a desk or a bridge.

Double-sided bookcases to divide the rooms

If your space is short… why not take advantage of it the bookcase like a wall with space for books or other on both sides? The double-sided bookcases they can also have counters, which will be particularly useful if used as small storage rooms.

A bookcase without a bottom… or without a backrest

They are called passing libraries and, in addition to solving the typical space problem of those who love not only reading but possessing books, they become a suggestive furnishing opportunity. Less mammoth than a bookcase with the back, but equally capacious, they divide the rooms without weighing down the structures.

Do you need some more specific suggestions to take advantage of all the spaces in your home with a bookcase? Contact us to compare yourself with our experts!

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