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Tips for decorating a small bathroom

In the case of a small bathroom spaces must be optimized and designed in such a way that you don't have to give up anything. Comforts are essential in such an important home environment. We have prepared a short guide, which we present below, with tips for furnishing a small bathroom.

White and gray walls

The colors used to paint the walls of a bathroom are usually light pink, light blue, Havana and moss green. For visually enlarge the room may be Useful prefer, instead, the White or in general the shades of gray. The Industrial style or the Shabby Chic style have brought to the fore these colors considered modern and non-trivial.

Special sanitary facilities

Having a small bathroom does not mean "being sacrificed" but finding ideal solutions to improve your environment. To occupy less space we can use gods sanitary ware of appropriate size suspended. Under the sink, for example, you can place a towel cabinet.

Yes to shelves and furniture developed in height

If the dimensions on the ground are reduced, the solution is: exploit heights. a "column" cabinet in the bathroom you will be able to order your items and cosmetics without taking up much space. Furthermore also the preparation of the shelves can be one Valid alternative. Besides being undoubtedly beautiful to look at, they are practical as you will always have your things at hand.




Yes to showers in a small bathroom

A beautiful shower with a glass box is the answer to your needs. Functional, economical and practical, you can't miss in your bathrooms. In particular a semicircular box thanks to its particular shape, it favors circulation in the bathroom, optimizing space. Furthermore, they represent an economical choice not only for installation but also for limited consumption.

Sliding door retractable

Making the most of every inch for a small bathroom is essential! The retractable sliding door, sliding inside the wall, does not require much space unlike the swing door. For their installation a counterframe is required in the doorway. The walls available must have a minimum thickness and must not pass through the pipes.

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