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With the arrival of autumn and the imminent conclusion of the CERSAIE in Bologna (il room of ceramics for architecture e dell'furniture bathroom), we can already talk about 2018 furnishing trend. Whether you have changed your apartment or are thinking of renovating the interior style, what matters is to choose carefully furnishings and colors trendy. This year, delicate and nude colors combine unusual forms for a very interesting mix in all environments.

2018 furnishing trend: the living and the sleeping area

At the beginning of the 2017 he had been elected by Pantone the Greenery. A fresh and sparkling shade of green-yellow that we had found in many furnishing accessories and in the kitchen and bathroom tiles. In the next 2018 the palette of color are lowered without darkening in the tones and become, for the sleeping area, pastel. Heavy style furniture is back industrial - vintage, combined with geometric furnishing accessories or unexpected wallpaper games. Interesting to notice a return both on the catwalks and in the living room of velvet and golden detail.

The colors in vogue in the 2018 for the living they are navy blue, burgundy, very intense shades of green and purple. All wisely dosed with white, to ensure that the room is not lost in brightness and depth. Our advice is to always play with light complements such as pillows and tableware that serve as light points.

We have alluded to the velvet return. Many designers have reproduced them on sofas of both classic and modern forms. No doubt if you decide to use a velvet sofa in a living room, you have made a choice full of personality and you must limit the surrounding choices to avoid the "overabundance" effect. Another furnishing proposal for the 2018 is the return of the sofa's placement in other spaces, especially the bedroom and even in the rather sumptuous and spacious bathrooms.

As for the sleeping area, interior design 2018 they tell us to prefer a minimal and formal style. The Nordic Scandinavian style, which was already felt last year, in the bedroom is undoubtedly the must of the season. Clean lines prevail, pastel colors on the walls and in the furnishing accessories.

2018 bathroom furniture: trends and suggestions from designers

decor 2018

If you are thinking about bathroom renovation this year dark colors are preferred, ranging from pearl gray to anthracite, from white to black, all in a vintage industrial style. Very fashionable cement tiles  that is, handcrafted artistic tiles suitable for both flooring and wall cladding. Undisputed protagonists of the 2017 Bologna International Ceramic Exhibition.

Cementine (made with Portland cement) also simulates other materials such as wood and marble in the bathroom. We could not miss the ceramics that this year is tinged with pastel tones. Often the light green is combined with the botanical touch of the tile designs for fantastic optical games. The magazines have been suggested, with their magnificent retro flavor, the tubs with exposed feet accompanied by small geometric French style tiles.

Autumn began and brought the 2018 bathroom with the muted colors such as wood, sand and dove gray in the matt finishes. Also interesting is the abandonment of the gloss for the use of opaque white.

And have you decided which is the right and most relaxing choice for your trendy interiors? Also read "how to turn your bathroom into a SPA".

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