Born in Rome in the 1970, after graduating in Architecture, achieved at the "La Sapienza" University in 2000, he started his own profession and in 2005 he founded the BERO Studio in Rome.

The professional experience gained in the 2005-2015 decade within the BERO Studio is essentially focused on the design of living spaces, from new buildings to the restyling of existing ones.

The "Home Design" project launched in the 2012 and the resulting success, was the confirmation that the figure of the designer who deals with the transformation of living spaces and not only, should have multidisciplinary skills to ensure that leap in quality towards conquest of a philosophy that considers space not only as a perimeter that contains us, but a manifestation of our being in which we recognize and identify ourselves.

In 2015 he moved to Milan, here his work experience is enriched inside Ristrutturazione Case where he coordinates the process of designing the residence with its realization.

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