Impeccable professional, serious and with strong empathy, afterwards having graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, she moved to Tuscany for 12 years, collaborating for a long time with a real estate company and architectural firm, specialized in the acquisition of large real estate complexes to be fully restored and subsequent sale of housing units or opportunities investment in the hotel tourism sector, has had the opportunity to gain experience covering several roles: economic / financial / urban feasibility analysis, drafting of Business plans and Due diligence for investors in the international tourism sector, appraisals, external and internal design, surveys and graphic rendering, drafting of building practices, management of relationships with institutions, construction management, metric calculations and specifications, supplier management, client contact person, accounting control and sal release, contracts, interior design and furnishings. Later he collaborated for two years in an engineering firm, being able to deal with technical issues such as fire prevention, plant design and structural analysis, both for civil and industrial works and for large-scale distribution. At the same time she had various positions as a freelancer for extraordinary maintenance and conservative restoration works, intervening on properties bound by the Superintendency. In all these years he has had the opportunity to gain solid experience as an architect, being able to acquire broad-spectrum specific knowledge. 
Finally transferred to Milan again, he was the first architect to join our team!


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