After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in 2003 at the Politecnico di Milano - (Junior Architect) and immediately began his career dealing with the management of ordinary maintenance and

extraordinary development of large buildings in Milan and Northern Italy (building management-facility), as well as

renovation of offices and apartments.

The main tasks included the preparation of annual and three-year budgets for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, drafting of specifications and metrics, drafting of construction and plant estimates, monitoring of ongoing interventions through inspections, direct authorization of interventions with limited amounts and relative to the security, design in autocad 2D, constant relationship with the Properties of the buildings, Drivers and suppliers.

All of this in relation to buildings for office use, commercial use, service sector and apartments.

From the 2016 he decides instead to deal full time with turnkey renovations with Case Restructuring.

His work is precise and meticulous.

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