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Tax concessions restructuring: update March 2019

Substantial requests can be made for building restoration interventions tax benefits, and for the work carried out on single housing units both on common parts of condominium buildings.

It is possible to deduct from the personal income tax, up to the 36% of expenses incurred, for a maximum limit 48.000 euro per real estate unit of the amounts that will be paid by the 1 January 2020.

Furthermore, for expenses made in the period between 26 June 2012 and 30 June 2013, the tax deduction from the Irpef amounts up to 50% for a maximum limit of 96.000 euros. The bonus has been extended until 31 December 2019 thanks to the 2019 Budget Law.

They can take advantage of tax breaks all contributing subjects to the payment of income taxes, resident or non-resident in Italy.

tax benefits

Tax concessions for individual housing units

I jobs for which tax benefits are provided for single housing units I'm:

Extraordinary maintenance. These are interventions that do not affect the body's volume and do not change its intended use. These include the construction of stairs, the construction and improvement of sanitary facilities and in general the interventions for the energy efficiency of the building.

Restoration and conservative restoration. Restoration and restoration are all intended to conserve the house and its functionality. Among these we find, for example, the opening of windows for needs related to the ventilation and the adjustment of the height of the floor.

Building renovation. This term indicates the set of interventions aimed at transforming a building organization in whole or in part. Among these works we find, for example, the reconstruction of the facade of a building, the opening of doors and windows and the construction of a balcony.

Tax benefits for condominium parties

for condominium parts tax benefits also apply interventions of ordinary maintenance. These are repairs, renewal and replacement of finishes and works to preserve the efficiency of the plants.

Moreover, the tax breaks are not limited to income tax deductions but also concern the possibility of paying theVAT reduced to 10%.

The subsidized VAT

The subsidized VAT is foreseen for the restoration of the building heritage. Depending on the type of work, the facilitation applies to the services provided of the company that carries out the work and, in some cases, on the sale of the assets. In the first case, for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work on the residential building units, theVAT is at 10%. While for assets, the subsidized rate is obtained only if they are transferred under the contract. In fact, when the contractor supplies goods of "significant value", the reduced VAT applies only on the difference between the total value of the service and that of the goods themselves. Let's take an example: if the total cost of the intervention is equal to 10.000 euro, the cost for work performance, is 4.000 euro and the cost of significant assets (faucets and sanitary fittings) is equal to 6.000 euro, then VAT at 10% it applies to the difference between the total amount of the intervention and the cost of the significant assets.

Tax concessions for bathrooms

Going into the specifics of bath, let's see for which interventions the facilities based on the type of housing can be requested:

a) Condominium Parts.

The costs for which it is possible to request the benefits are:
o Hydraulic system. Repair without innovations or replacements
o external flooring. Reconstruction with dimensions and materials identical to those already existing.
o Internal flooring. Repairs without innovations.
o health. Repair of sanitary appliances and various building works (pipes, tiles, etc.).

b) Individual housing units.

The costs for which it is possible to request the benefits are:
o Hydraulic system. Replacement or repair with innovations compared to the existing one.
o health. The substitution of sanitary appliances is deductible only if integrated or correlated to major interventions for which the facilitation is due. Realization of internal hygienic service.
o external flooring. New flooring or replacement of the existing one modifying the surface and the materials.
o Internal flooring. New construction, demolition and reconstruction in another internal part.

How to get tax breaks

Enough to get the tax benefits indicate in tax return cadastral data Property. Furthermore, i payments must be carried out by bank or postal transfer with the tax code of the beneficiary of the deduction, the tax code or VAT number of the beneficiary of the payment and reason for payment the reference to the 16-bis article of the Dpr 917 / 1986.

More information is available on the page building renovations of the Revenue Agency website.

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