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An increasingly recurrent phenomenon for those who put up homes or simply decide to restructure is to opt for a open space. The house becomes one single space in which there are no longer walls that divide one room from another and where creativity finds free space with innovative solutions and scenographic that give the house its own soul. The open space overturns the canons of the traditional house where the walls were the symbol of a clear division of activities and moments of the day. Not everyone is therefore open to a type of home that requires a decrease in privacy and such direct communication with no more closed spaces. The optimal solution, to determine if an openspace could be to our liking, is to rely on a architect able to propose a virtual project 3D of the restructuring.

Guide to when living becomes sharing of space: the open space shortens distances

For the most creative minds, the space is largely reflected especially if you are facing a house with limited spaces where the removal of architectural barriers seems to give a open spacesense of momentum and breath to the house. In fact, there is no lack of proposals that are increasingly oriented in this direction, even in furnishing. In particular, if we think of the living area, a solution is increasingly required that combines the kitchen and living area in a single room, overcoming the classic idea of ​​seeing two distinct rooms.

What most attracts customers is definitely getting a unique environment brighter, visually larger and more convivial. The house not only takes on a fresher, more modern appearance, but also manages to convey, in those who enter it, a sense of familiarity and sharing all to discover. The house opens up to communication and this seems to be a winning factor in the choice for many families. In particular, couples are increasingly projected towards this solution, which is able to shorten distances and maintain a continuous proximity in every moment of the day.

What solutions to adopt to manage spaces

Through an open space you can adopt interesting solutions in terms of design, for example an idea is the creation ofopen space niches e reserved areas that add that scenographic touch that makes the difference. At the start of glass walls, booths, wings, screens. The idea is to play with essential furnishing elements without exceeding the accessories, so as to infuse lightness and not weigh down an environment that must be well cared for, but simple. It is imperative to pay attention to the choice of furnishing so as not to take away the charm of a house that in itself offers no shelter. In short, the advice you must never forget is to use a few things, but of quality and well positioned.

A great advantage is also that of having ample freedom in terms of furniture arrangement. Everyone will want to change the layout of their home and having a single space offers great advantages in this regard. The only rooms that are allowed, for obvious reasons, a division from the rest of the house are bathroom and closet, if this is present.

Whether we talk about total or partial open spaces we can certainly say that they are the solutions currently preferred by those who decide to put up a house, with the exception of large families where managing a single space is difficult and could cause tensions. Loved or hated, it does not allow for middle ground, but it is currently a valid solution that manages to combine simplicity of lines, sharing of spaces, and effective solutions giving the house a strong but at the same time welcoming character.

What do you think of it? Do you remain faithful to the idea of ​​a traditional home or are you looking for a renovation that creates a house without any more barriers?





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